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Getting infected by an STD or sexually transmitted disease like genital herpes is a situation that any person wouldn’t want to undergo. But for those who already have the disease, what they can do is just accept the situation and cope up with it with the help of the people that care for them and support them.


Based on studies, over forty million are already positive with herpes virus. One in every five people in the US has herpes making the disease one of the most epidemic STDs in the country. However, despite this alarming numbers, more and more people are still being infected because most of the infected individuals do not know they have the infection. Early detection of the virus is necessary so positive individuals can take medications to limit the appearance of symptoms and prevent it from spreading to others.


If you are diagnosed with herpes, do not give up and think that it is the end of your happy, normal life. Herpes positives can still live a normal, happy, and healthy life because the disease can be controlled. Although it is not curable, sexually transmitted infections like herpes can be managed through the right medication. With acceptance and understanding from people close to you, and with the help of the right support groups, any STD positives can succeed in managing and making their lives better even if they have STDs.


When it comes to a great support group for STD positives, Meet Positives is a very good place to join. Created by the people who are also STD positives, this online community is dedicated in giving STD positives a place where they can share freely and happily without the fear of being embarrassed because of the negative perception of other people. Members that join in this group are also STD positives so there is no need to explain your situation and do the daunting ‘talk’ over again and fear rejection since people in the community already understand what you are going through. Members in Meet Positives community share the same struggles, and some may have even shared the same experiences involving failed relationships due to their condition.


Meet Positives will help you in achieving a better life despite your condition by giving you access on various information and tips shared by other STD positives. our team will also give you tips and advices on relationships and dating so you and your potential partner can successfully build a long-lasting relationship while also managing your condition.

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